Reasons to stop littering

New Zealand is known for its beautiful clean beaches, mountains and lakes. However, littering is still a huge problem in the towns and scenery areas around New Zealand. As a rubbish removal company our passion is to encourage Kiwi’s and tourist to keep New Zealand clean by discouraging people to litter and encourage them to use rubbish bins around them. This is so we can all enjoy New Zealand and all its natural splendour for generations to come.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t litter, although some people just don’t think about the navigate effects littering causes. Not only is it illegal to throw your rubbish on the ground or dump junk on the side of the road but it is also a huge problem as 80% of the litter in the ocean comes from land litter according to Greenpeace. Which is a massive problem as our ocean life dies from eating the little pieces of plastic or they die by getting trapped in the rubbish.

On top of this, not only does it look messy when junk and trash piles up on our streets but it can also attract rats and pets as they like to live in rubbish. In turn, the pets destroy our nature and spread diseases in our cities.

The last reason is the cost. Every time someone litters and dumps on our streets, the council has to find a way to clean it up. As a result, our tax money goes to removing littered and dumped rubbish and junk. However, if everyone throws away their own rubbish in the right place, our tax money could go to more important matters.

It’s not all bad!

There are a few organizations that help fight litter. One of the most known ones is the non-profit organization called Keep New Zealand beautiful, was created by the New Zealand government in 1967. Previously known as the Anti-Litter Council organization, they are dedicated to keeping New Zealand communities clean, safe and beautiful. They encourage Kiwi’s to throw away their rubbish, while also holding educational programmes for the youth, to inspire them to do the same. This organization doesn’t stop there, they also remove graffiti, and conduct reduction of waste and recycling initiatives and organize and take part in clean up events.

How can you help?

The simple answer is to throw your trash away, don’t litter!

If you have junk or large broken items that need to be disposed of, call a rubbish removal company, like us! They can help you organize a pick up of your rubbish. If you are in the Auckland region and have a pile of junk and rubbish that you need picked up and disposed of, we can do it for you! To get a free quote go to our quote me page!

Support an organization

A simple way to help New Zealand stay litter free is to support an organization.  There are many different non-profit clean up and anti-litter organizations that would love your help and support. You can become a member or volunteer your time by being part of a clean-up. You could also donate to help them or even buy a sweatshirt from them to show your support.

Report illegal dumping

If you see someone dumping rubbish or littering on our streets report them to your local council on 0800Nodump.

Be prepared

Keep a small bag or container in your handbag and car for when you are out and about and can’t find a rubbish bin to throw away your rubbish. This will prevent littering, as you know you always have a place to place your rubbish and wrappers when needed.

If you need any rubbish removed from your property, we can help! Our friendly customer service team will give you a quote and from there, if you book in, we will pick up and remove your rubbish and dispose of it properly. Give us a call or email us!

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