Reasons why decluttering can improve your life

If you are feeling stressed out, it may be because you have built up too much clutter and need to do a clean out. There are many ways decluttering can improve your life and help you develop good habits.

Decluttering reduces stress

If you have recently moved homes and you have noticed items you don’t need everywhere or you have noticed things are out of place more often and your stress levels are high, the reason for your stress may be due to clutter and mess.

Many people may think the stress is from moving or work but many people don’t realise that the feeling of a disorganized life or stress may be due to the clutter in their home.

There are many people in the world that need to clean and organize their space before they can relax or work on an important task. This is because the mess and clutter distracts them and casuses stress. They feel like they can’t get anything done because their space isn’t organized, which makes everything in their life feel disorganized as well. If you do a small tidy up and declutter, your stress will reduce and your concentration and motivation should increase.

Decluttering will help you form good habits

Most people end up with clutter because they tend to buy things they don’t need or actually want. Whether they see it on an ad or it’s the latest trend in their area, they want the item to portray a certain aspect in their life and without thinking, they go buy it. Then the item sits around not being used because they didn’t really need it in the first place.

Another common mistake is people buy on a whim. They go into the store not knowing what they want and end up buying things because it was on sale, in fashion or they buy it without really thinking about how it will be used in their daily life.

A good way to stop collecting clutter is to figure out what you want for your home and what you use regularly in your daily life before you go to the store. This will prevent you from spending unnecessary money because you have a plan going into the store and you will need up buying things you actually use.

If you find yourself at the shop questioning if you really want the item or need it, you are on the right track to producing a good anti-clutter habit.

Decluttering reduces anxiety and isolation

Most people that have clutter sitting around in their home become anxious and embarrassed when they think of or have family and friends over. Doing a clear out will decrease the anxiety, embarrassment and the person will feel less isolated because their space is now clear and ready for people to come over. A declutter will help them spend more time enjoying their friends and family and less time worrying about cleaning and tidying up things they don’t even use.

Donating items creates happiness

Even if you didn’t use the item you bought, if its still in good condition, it can be donated to a charity who will then either sell it to raise money for people in need or give it to those in need. This creates a sense of happiness for you as you know the item went to help someone in need and didn’t go to waste.

Decluttering creates unforgettable experiences

The more things you have, the more money you spend on the upkeep for that item.

Getting rid of those items you don’t need lets you save money to use on an unforgettable holiday or an experience with your friends and family.

You could even sell a few of your items and put the money from the sale into a travel account.

These are just a few positive impacts decluttering can have on your life!

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