Removal of Big Shed with Grabber Truck

Do you have a large shed or structure that needs to be removed?  Our team can remove it for you!

We have over 10 years’ experience removing large and standard size sheds.

Most sheds can be removed easily with the right tools by hand, however larger structures will be removed by a large grabber truck.

Recently we were asked to remove this large shed (as seen below), luckily, with the grabber truck we could remove it with ease. The structure didn’t take long to be dismantled and the waste was taken away. Using the grabber truck makes quick work of the job. The results were amazing and the client was happy to have the space back in their garden.

If you need a home structure or shed removed from your property, our team can do it for you!

We service the Auckland region.

Send a picture of your shed to for an estimate quote today!

Before and After

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