Rubbish litters Hobsonville and locals take action

Many Hobsonville locals have noticed large amounts of litter scattered around the streets over a few months from construction sites not disposing of their rubbish correctly.

Over the past few weeks, a few locals have individually taken it upon themselves to go for walks and pick up the rubbish from the car parks and roads.

Some locals collect at least one massive bag of rubbish or more in ten minutes of picking up rubbish.

Locals have had enough as the rubbish is continual and hurting their community.

Now, Salazar and Filip, two of the concerned locals have discussed their concern with the Upper Harbour Local Board.

The Upper Harbour Local Board has allocated $58,000 to the cause, to ensure council members are checking up and reminding the builders to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

Likewise, the community has organized clean-up days that anyone can join to help make their community clean again.

It’s great to see our local communities coming together to create cleaner suburbs in Auckland.


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