Rubbish Removal – Preparing for Level Two

Preparing for Level Two

Level two begins on Thursday the 14th of May and many business and schools are preparing to reopen. This means that removing all the old junk items and general rubbish needs to be done before clients and students arrive at your premises.

Whether its office junk, school rubbish, leaves and garden waste on the property or just general waste. We can get you sorted, so you can continue to focus on organizing the other parts of your business and school.

We also remove rubbish from residential properties. If you are about to go back to work and need your junk or rubbish removed and disposed of before level 2 begins, we can help you out!

Level 2 also means home owners can sell and new rent tenants can move into rental homes. Therefore, if you are selling your Auckland home and need any rubbish waste removed before the new owner moves in or if the old rental tenant left junk behind and you need it gone, our service is just what you need!

Our guys come and lift your items and rubbish onto our trucks and dispose of your waste for you. Which means you don’t have to do the hard lifting and you save time as our guys do it all for you.

Call us on 0800 DUMPME or email us on our contact form.


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