Sand Pit Removal – Auckland

Has your sand pit been used by stray animals, started sprouting plants you don’t recognise, generally no longer looks fresh or you just need it gone?

We can completely remove your sand pit, clear the ground until you are ready to decide what you’d like for the newly cleared area.

Or set it up with fresh sand and surrounds. Perhaps you’d like a themed sandpit e.g. shaped like a pirate ship so the kids can imagine they’re digging for treasure in the sandpit. You may want a shade over it to protect your children from the harsh sun and keep the sand at a cooler temperature.

Or perhaps you’d like it replaced with some garden landscaping, so it’s a great area for family and visitors to enjoy.

We have diggers and experienced staff for this type of work.

So, if you’d like a quote or have further queries, then give us a call at 0800DumpMe on 0800 386 763.

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