Household Junk and Rubbish

Moving in or out; a spring clean, renovation waste, or end of tenancy. Deceased estates or just a single item

Skilled in all kinds of waste removal

Our Auckland rubbish removal service caters to all manner of rubbish and waste. Maybe you’re about to move house and have just had the inevitable sort and declutter; perhaps you’ve had a clean out before putting your house on the market; or you’ve just got rid of some very messy tenants! We’re here to help!

Our experienced team are skilled in all kinds of waste removal and associated clean-up. We’ll take the hassle out of house and section clean up by picking up unwanted items, rubbish, recycling, garden waste or home renovation debris. We load everything into our truck and dispose of it for you, sweeping up after ourselves to make sure we leave everything nice and tidy.

Keeping the planet green too.

Part of our rubbish removal service involves sorting and separating what can be safely and effectively recycled, so as to minimise the impact on the environment and reduce how much goes into landfill. We’re big on protecting our planet for future generations.

Whether it’s furniture, old carpet, a build-up of old toys and junk, garden waste, we can dispose of all manner of waste material and sort it into different rubbish types for recycling, rehoming, redistributing and dumping.

Every kind of rubbish under the sun

We provide a complete waste removal service for the Auckland region. We’ll pick up any amount of rubbish and take it away, from large scale clean-outs to single items such as a bed or fridge. So if you have certain types of rubbish that can’t go into your regular rubbish collection, or if you’ve simply got too much to fit in your curb-side bin, we can come and pick it up all at once. No job is too large or small. We can even remove some hazardous waste – give us a call if you’re not sure.

Some of the types of rubbish we can remove are:

General rubbish, garden waste, old carpet, clothing and bedding, furniture, books, toys etc. Whiteware, some hazardous materials, electronic waste, garden waste, scrap metal, bricks, concrete, rocks and soil and lots more.

Renovation, Leftover, Landscaping

We’ll happily come and pick up your renovation waste, whether it’s leftover materials, demolition debris or soil from landscaping work.

Our staff are efficient, respectful and helpful, happy to discuss any aspect of the work with you at any stage. Because we understand that the weekend might be the best time for you, we offer our services seven days a week.

Feel free to get in touch in advance and we can also help advise you on how to reduce waste associated with renovations and how best to sort the rubbish ready for pick up, to save you money.

Call us on 0800 DUMP ME and we can give you an estimate over the phone, and then do an onsite quotation, with no obligation to proceed.

Call us today on 0800 DUMP ME for a no-obligation quote.

We can give you a price indication over the phone as well as a free onsite quotation. Feel free to get in touch to discuss what we can do to help you.