Spa Removal

We provide an extensive spa removal service here in the Auckland region.

Experienced Team

Spa removal has never been easier. Whether you are moving homes, clearing an estate or just need a spa gone to get back that space, leave removing your spa to our experienced team.

Call us today on 0800 DUMP ME for a no-obligation quote. We can give you a price indication over the phone.

For a more accurate no-obligation quote, please send through photos of the spa and the access to

Feel free to get in touch to discuss what we can do to help you.

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Our Service

Our team can come and remove your spa from any residential or commercial property.

Depending on access, our team will either lift and remove the spa as a whole onto our truck or dismantle the spa shell first. This is so our team can safely fit the spa through any gates or narrow walkways.

Depending on how heavy the spa is, two or four of our guys will move the spa carefully into our truck. Our team will then go back for the other small waste from the breakdown of the shell and give the area a sweep.

Please remember to get your electrician to disconnect the spa before our team arrives.

Why Choose Us

Our team has been removing spas for over 15 years.

We take our time removing your spa to ensure that your spa is removed carefully and your property remains unscathed.

We can remove other types of rubbish while we are onsite.

You get to sit back and relax as we do all the lifting, loading and removal.

You get your space back!

We can remove the spa rain or shine

Our staff are efficient, respectful and happy to answer any question you may have before and during the removal.

Call us today on 0800 DUMP ME for a no-obligation quote.

We can give you a price indication over the phone as well as a free onsite quotation. Feel free to get in touch to discuss what we can do to help you.