Shed Rubbish Removal

Over time, your garden shed can get filled up with rubbish and junk, and then one day you go to use the shed and you don’t have any space.

Now what?

You get our team in to remove the rubbish and junk from your shed.

No matter what type of rubbish you have whether its old furniture like mattresses, tables, dryers or if its smaller household items or renovation waste, we can remove it for you!

Recently, we removed junk from a shed in central Auckland, where the tenants were moving out from their lease home and needed all the rubbish removed that weekend.

We were able to book them in that weekend and remove the rubbish, and the shed was left spotless and ready to be used by the next tenant.

Whatever the situation, our guys will come and lift, load and remove all your rubbish from your shed at the next available slot.

We remove rubbish from all over Auckland, click here to check if we service your area.

Call us on 0800 386 763 or email us with a photo of the rubbish in your shed and we will get back to you with an estimate quote.

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