Sofa Removal

Its one of the most common items that people need removed but at the same time one of the hardest items to remove if you don’t have the right transport vehicle.

Our couch removal service is the best way to get your old couch or recliner removed from your property.

Our team lifts and loads the couch or recliner onto our truck and takes it away for you. Either disposing of it in the correct way or if it’s in good condition, we can give it to the charity store of your choice.

Reasons to get your old couch removed:

Moving homes:

If you have the difficult task of moving homes and don’t have the time or resources to remove your old couch, we can remove it for you just before your moving day. That means less stress as one more item will be gone and won’t need to be removed on or after the move out date.

Likewise, we can also remove your other rubbish or large old items at the same time.

Brought a new couch:

Can’t make space for the new without removing the old. That goes for furniture too!

If you have just brought a new sofa, we can remove the old couch for you before or after the new couch has arrived!

Broken sofas:

If your sofas have been left in the rain or is broken and needs to be removed quickly, we can help! Our team can remove the damaged sofa from inside or outside your house.

Our rubbish removal service operates Monday to Friday from 9am-4:30pm

If you aren’t able to be onsite when pick up is happening, we can pick up in your absence as long as the couch and rubbish can be easily accessed by our team.

Getting an estimate quote:

For an estimate quote, let us know if it’s a 1-seater, 2-seater or 3-seater couch and what area pick up would be in.

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