Spa Lid Removal

If you removed your spa years ago but have found that old spa lid sitting in your yard or garage and need it gone, we can remove it for you!

Spa lids are not the easiest things to transport as they are large, heavy and dirty and most do not fit into a normal van or car.

That’s why our team can come, lift and load your spa lid into our truck and take it away for you.

With over 15 years of experience removing waste we can remove it quickly and carefully making sure nothing gets damaged on the way out.

Can I remove other rubbish with the spa lid?

Yes! We cater our service to you. If you just want a single item (spa lid) removed, we can do that! Although our trucks are large enough to fit your spa lid and other waste items as well. This means if you have a pile of garden waste, builders waste, household waste or another large item, we can remove it all at once.

Do I need to put the spa lid anywhere specific?

We can remove your spa lid from anywhere on your property. From your backyard to your front yard to the garage, placement does not affect the removal.

When can you pick it up?

We normally ask for three days’ notice, however most times we can fit you in the next day.

What areas do you pick up from?

We remove waste in the Auckland region.

How do I book a pick up?

Give us a call or go to our quote page. 

Got any other question?

Call us today on 0800 386 763 or go to our contact page here.

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