Spa Pool Removal

Spa Removal

Got an old spa you need removed?

We can remove it for you!

Spa removal can be tricky and time consuming as spas are very large, heavy and finding suitable transport can be difficult.

Whether you are moving houses and need all the rubbish including a spa gone or just need a spa removed, our spa removal service is quick and hassle free.

Our team will lift and load your spa into the back of our trucks and dispose of it for you.

Our spa removal covers the Auckland region.

Can you remove my other rubbish while you are here?

Yes! We aim to make spa and rubbish removal easy, which means we pick up any type of rubbish with your spa removal. This includes green waste, white ware, furniture, general rubbish, wood and more!

What do I need to do to the spa before you remove it?

Please ensure that the spa electronics are disconnected before pick up.

Get an estimate quote

Send us a photo of your spa and/or other rubbish to to get an estimate quote.

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