Storage Unit Item Removal

Storage units are great when you don’t have space to store your items or if you need a place to put your items until you decide what you would like to do with them. However, over time the items can break down or become outdated and you no longer want to store them.

This is where the hassle begins.

Clearing out a storage unit can take many hours, involve many trips to the charity stores or tip (depending on your items) and be labour intensive.

However, with our rubbish removal service, we can remove all your rubbish and good quality items, and distribute them to the right places all in one go.

If you book in, our guys will come, lift and load all your items into our truck and take away the items and rubbish you want removed!

We remove almost anything, old furniture, general rubbish, white ware, wood and much more!

If you do have good quality items in your rubbish that you would like taken to a charity store, we can drop them off for you!

For an estimate quote, email us on today!

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