Summer Waste Removal

Summer is just around the corner which means its time to clear out that outdoor area of old junk to prepare for having guest over.

Whether you want to throw a labour day weekend get together, have friends and family over for Christmas dinner or just want the space to be ready for your next event, we can help you remove those unwanted items and rubbish.

We have removed broken and old items such as:

Big outdoor umbrellas

Egg chairs


Outdoor furniture

Garden waste

Rubbish bags

Old plant pots

Old large tools

Firewood piles

Green houses


Broken tables and chairs

Any big or small outdoor junk items you need removed, we can lift and load it into our truck and take it away to be disposed of in the correct way.

Recently, we went to a job where the client wanted the waste from their backyard cleared before the holiday season started.

We ended up removing 3 cubic meters of garden waste, some metal, old wood, cardboard and an old outdoor table that was broken. The client had already piled everything out the front so our team was able to quickly remove it for her on the same day she called in.

If you need rubbish removal in the Auckland region, email or call us today for an estimate quote.

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