Thailand’s Plastic Bag Ban

Another country bans single-use plastic bags

On July 1st 2019, New Zealand took a step towards a zero-waste city by banning stores from selling or giving away single-use plastic bags. Now, another country is doing a similar thing this new year. Thailand has banned many major stores from selling single-use plastic bags from the 1st of January 2020. Around 75 major stores have stopped selling and giving out single-use plastic bags. Later, in 2021, all stores will have a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Ever since the ban, locals are taking on the challenge by using random creative containers to carry their shopping. Media outlets have blown up with photos of people using wheelbarrows, laundry bags, baskets, suitcases, buckets and shirts to hold there shopping in.

Above are a few examples:

Using wheelbarrow for shopping and basket shopping. Photos by rovmaira

Thailand’s rubbish hero

On top of the plastic bag ban, a 12-year-old Thai girl named Ralyn Satidtanasan has been making headlines of many news outlets for supporting the plastic bag ban by meeting with local authorities and major stores to work out how they can all reduce single-use plastics. While also going out and picking up rubbish in canals and talking to anyone who will support the movement.

What can we take from this?

Since the ban, the country has embraced the change for the good of the environment and has made it a fun, creative activity instead of fighting against the ban. Making chances to our daily life can be hard, but if we take the same attitude that the Thai’s did, we too, could save the environment step by step. We should all try to be as passionate as Ralyn when it comes to discarding our rubbish correctly and using less single-use plastics.

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Photo from ABC 

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