Things to look out for under your house – Underhouse Rubbish Removal

Old Metal

Even though old metal can be heavy and a little tricky to remove if long, the best rubbish to find under your house is metal. Wondering why? Well, old metal is very easily recycled and valuable. Therefore, if you remove the metal from under the house yourself and take it to a metal recycling station, they will take it for free and some places even give you money in return.


The worst thing to find under your house is asbestos. Asbestos is a very dangerous material that needs a licenced company to remove it; as without the proper equipment and safety masks the material can be life threatening.

Paint Cans

The age of the paint cans determines your next step with regards to removing and disposing of it. Old paint cans with no label or rusted cans will need to be taken to Chemwaste in Onehunga (your other chemicals can also be taken to chemwaste). If the cans are labelled and in good condition then our company may be able to help you remove them but we only take a small number.

Small volcanic rocks

If you live in an area like Mount Eden or Onehunga you may have come cross small volcanic rocks under your house. These rocks are safe to move but can be tricky to move due to their weight. Our team has experience removing these rocks and can remove them for you.

Overall, underhouse rubbish can come in different shapes, sizes and can include some odd rubbish.

If you plan on removing the rubbish from under your house, we suggest being aware of the above and calling our professional rubbish removers if you need underhouse rubbish removal services anywhere in Auckland.

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