Tile Disposal

If you are renovating your home or rental and you have decided to work on the bathroom, patio or kitchen, you may have a pile of old tiles you need to get rid of.

Tiles can be messy to dispose of as they normally come off the wall or floor broken, in pieces, and leave dust everywhere. Therefore, you don’t really want the old pile of tiles sitting around for a long time in or outside the house making a big mess.

That’s why we provide the best tile and rubbish disposal service in Auckland.

We can come load all your tiles into our truck and take them away and safely dispose of them.

Is a skip bin a better option for my tiles?

Most people think that getting a skip bin is the easiest way to get ride of all types of rubbish including tiles, however most skip bins do not accept tiles being thrown away in their general skips. This means you have to order their special hard-fill waste skip bin which are more expensive if you want to throw your tiles in a skip.

Likewise, skip bins take up space on your property and sit there for days, while our service comes and removes the waste all in one day!

Can I add other rubbish?

Yes! We can remove your tiles with any other rubbish! Including household junk, office furniture, other renovation waste, garden waste and more!

Just let our team know on the phone what types of waste you would like removed all together.

For more information about our waste removal go to www.0800dumpme.co.nz/builders-waste/

To get an estimate quote go to our quote me page.

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