Timber Removal Auckland

If you have just completed some renovations, teared down a deck or have a company that needs to remove some timber, we have got you covered.

Removing a large amount of timber can be hard work, you may not know how to dispose of it correctly or may not have the appropriate vehicle to remove it. Our team will come and do all the lifting and hard work, moving the timber into the truck and taking it away and dispose of it correctly.

We remove almost any kind of timber and wood such as old timber, painted timber, new timber, you name it, we remove it.

Our company likes to recycle where we can, so if you have timber that is in the right condition to be recycled, we will take it and recycle it for you.


Our service is fast and designed to be hassle-free. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible.

To book call 0800 386 763 or email us with a few photos of the piles of timber and we can give you a quote!

Our team will try to get you booked in as soon as possible, sometimes as soon as next day pick up, however if we are booked, we will let you know the next available time slot in your area.


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