Trailer hire for rubbish removal in Henderson

If you are moving houses or doing a spring clean out and need to take items to charity shops, move items to a new house or remove rubbish, hiring a trailer may be just the thing you need. Hiring a trailer is easy and there are many options out there. Trailer hire is great for those medium to large size objects that need to be moved but can’t fit in the car. It is great for moving furniture, boxes or large household items.

To help you out we have put together a list of Henderson companies that rent out trailers:


The Hirepool company hires out a large variety of trailers.

These include a few different sizes of caged trailers and high side trailers that range in price. They also hire out two different sizes of chiller trailers to transport food products that need to be stored in a cool place for a long time. In addition to these, they have furniture trailers that come in different sizes and they have standard and low side trailers.

If you have a lot of bulky old furniture that you want removed or rubbish that can’t fit it in a trailer, you can contact us for a free quote for any rubbish removal.


This is another company that rents out a range of trailers. They hire out seven different types of trailers which include flat deck, caged trailer, tandem flat deck trailers, furniture trailers, luggage trailers and car transport trailers. They have many places around New Zealand that you can hire their trailers from including Z stations. If you are looking for the Henderson location it is on Lincoln road.

Kennards Hire

If you are looking to hire a trailer and some other gear, Kennards Hire is the way to go! They hire out box trailers, cage trailers, enclosed trailers, plant and machinery trailers and flat top trailers. On top of this they hire out tools, lighting, generators, pumps, site equipment and much more. Trailers range in price depending on size and type.

Gas Stations

Another location to hire a trailer is gas stations. Many gas stations have a few trailers on site that people can hire for the day.

What we do!

If you planned to use your trailer to haul your rubbish to the dump but have too much for a trailer and don’t want to take the time loading multiple trailer, we can help! Our team comes with our yellow trucks and picks up all your rubbish and old ripped, broken furniture, while you sit and relax. We pick up all sorts of rubbish, from pallets to old furniture, general rubbish, builders debri, old mattresses, garden waste and much more! To get a free quote or book in email us here.

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