Trampoline Disposal

Trampoline Removal

After years of fun on the trampoline, weather wear and tear and the kids growing up and moving out, the old trampoline is now sitting, rusting in the backyard. If you remember how much work it was to construct the trampoline, you will know how hard it will be to disassemble it. Although, don’t worry, we are here to help! Let our professional’s breakdown, lift and load the trampoline onto our truck and remove it for you.

We dispose of trampolines of all sizes, shapes and conditions. Whether you want to get rid of a small 6 ft or a 17 ft trampoline, we can do it for you. If your trampoline is broken, we will try to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way by recycling the metal legs and springs. If it’s in good working condition, we will try to find it a good home.

How it works

Call or email us for a quote. Our friendly customer service team will let you know what kind of price you would be looking at for trampoline removal in your area.

Next, if you accept the quote, we will book you in on a day that suits your schedule or if you can’t be there on the day, we can remove your trampoline in your absence, if it’s in an accessible space on your property.

Our experienced team will come and remove your trampoline at an efficient pace and affordable price wherever the trampoline is located.

Pay and sit back and relax. You now have a clean, spacious yard and avoided the long, heavy process of taking the trampoline down and disposing of it!

Arrange now for the trampoline removal service and let our guys do the work for you! Call us on 0800 386 763 or get a free quote here.

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