Under-House Rubbish Removal for Insulation

Underhouse insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer and if you are thinking about installing insulation you may find that there is rubbish under your house that you need to dispose of first.

Removing rubbish under your home can be exhausting, hard work and take many hours. Finding time and energy to drag the rubbish from under the tight spaces under the house can be hard but that’s where we can come in and help!

Our experienced team can remove your under-house rubbish easily and quickly, so that you can install your insulation and enjoy your home.

Rubbish in tight spaces

Some people aren’t able to get into the tight spaces under the house to collect the rubbish or junk, due to health reasons or lack of time. However, if you book an under-house rubbish removal with us, our staff can come and remove all the small and large trash under your house, no matter if it is in tight spaces or in an open area. We aim to get all the rubbish and junk removed in a day or two so you can get that insulation in as soon as possible.

Residential and Commercial under-house rubbish removal

We provide under-building rubbish removal for both residential and commercial properties. If your business property is in need of under building rubbish removal, we can provide professional under building rubbish removal. Likewise, if you own a rental property or home we can come and remove all the junk and waste you or the previous tenant has stored under the house.

How we can help

Although each property is different, we cater to each one, so that the job is completed to the highest standard. Sometimes we have to check with electricians before going under the house for live, dangerous wires as people have been killed in the past. Whatever the case, we get the job done.

Rubbish We Remove

We remove all types of rubbish and junk from under home and do all the removal and disposal for you! Whether you have household junk, packaging, green waste, general rubbish, large junk or construction waste, we can lift, remove and dispose of it.

Moisture Barrier

If you are installing under-house installation, a moisture barrier may or will be installed to prevent dampness and mould in your home.

In this case, you will need all the rubbish removed from under the house, as the ground needs to be flat for the polythene groundsheet to be laid down on the whole under-house floor.

Rubbish can not be left on the ground or odour and pest may be the result.

Booking and Attending

If you would like an under-house rubbish removal estimate quote, send us an email with photos of your under-house rubbish, from there, we will call you to discuss further and send someone to do an onsite quote. If you accept the onsite quote, our guys will book you in and come on the selected day. The work can be carried out even if no one’s home and once completed the customer can pay onsite with either credit card, visa, eftpos or cash. Also, we can liaise with insulation company if necessary when requested.

Email us on info@0800dumpme.co.nz for a free quote.

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