Vacant House – Rubbish Removal

Own a property that has just been moved out of or has been vacant for sometime and has rubbish inside or outside?

Don’t have time to remove it and dispose of it, but need it gone before you rent the house out again?

Don\’t leave the rubbish and junk sitting in and around the house for rats and mice to get into and for the rubbish to start smelling.

Our team can go to the house and remove all the junk and rubbish, leaving the house rubbish free inside and out.

Our professional team, lifts, loads and disposes of all the rubbish for you, saving you time and doing it at an affordable price.

We know you live busy lives and sometimes you just need that extra hand to help you out.

For an estimate quote, email us on or call us on 0800 386 763

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