Wet Rubbish Removal – 0800 Dump Me

There are many ways your rubbish can become wet and destroyed, from a house flood to accidentally leaving it outside. This results in heavy, wet rubbish that sits around and start falling apart over time.

Why dispose of wet rubbish?

There are many reasons why you need to remove wet rubbish as fast as possible.

The main reason is because of rodents. Rodents love to make their home in old rubbish and the longer your rubbish sits in a pile outside, the more rodents you are likely to get living in the rubbish. Rodents aren’t pleasant creatures as they spread disease to your family and pets.

Wet rubbish produces a horrible smell as anything dirty and damp, creates an awful odor.

Likewise, the items in the rubbish pile will start breaking down over time and parts start breaking off, meaning clean up gets harder and messier the longer the rubbish sits there.

Rust and mould growing on the rubbish are other prominent reasons why you should remove the wet rubbish immediately. Mould builds up over time on damp objects and can cause respiratory health problems for your family.

If you have any wet rubbish you need disposed of, our team can come and remove your rubbish for you.

Why get our team in?

Our team have years of experience which means you know that all your rubbish is going to be removed quickly and responsibly.

Getting our team in to remove your wet rubbish means you won’t have to get wet and dirty removing it yourself. Likewise, you won’t have to put any wet rubbish into your van or truck, meaning your vehicle will stay clean.

Our rubbish removal service means you don’t have to lift anything, we lift everything into the truck and remove it for you.

Contact us now, send us a picture of your wet rubbish to info@0800dumpme.co.nz  or go to our quote me page and we will get back to you with an estimate quote.

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