What is a Zero-Waste Lifestyle?

Over the years you may have heard about a trend going around called the zero-waste lifestyle. I bring this up because Auckland Council wants Auckland to be a zero-waste City by 2040. However, I don’t think any of us know exactly what that means or how to even start. Of course, nothing happens overnight, so we thought we would update you on what it means to live a zero-waste lifestyle in 2020.

What is a zero-waste lifestyle?

This is when people try to reduce their waste consumption by adjusting their life to using less or no plastics, single-use items and paper items, and replacing these harmful items with homemade, reusable and natural items that they can make or buy. The ultimate target is to produce no rubbish at all, so there is less rubbish in the landfills and everything is more environmentally friendly. The movement started between 1998-2002 but really came to life in 2009, when people actually started to change their way of living.

Why would you live a zero-waste lifestyle?

Everyone has a different reason to why they made the transition to a zero-waste life. Some reasons include climate change, saving money, they are against plastic waste, they want to reduce rubbish that ends up in the ocean or they have had some health issues because of toxins in plastics or makeup so they now live a zero-waste life. If you want to try a zero-waste lifestyle, you need to find your specific reason of why you are doing it, not because it\’s a trend. This is because it\’s not an easy lifestyle change but if you always go back to WHY you are doing it, you have a better chance in succeeding.

Examples of the Zero-waste lifestyle

Bea Johnson, a French American woman who lives in California, was one of the first to take action and live a zero-waste life with her family. She changed her life and got noticed worldwide for it. She then went on to write a book called “Zero Waste Home: The ultimate guide to simplifying your life by reducing your waste” and it got translated in over 25 languages. In addition to her book, she has an online store, website blog and she goes around the world talking about her passion for a zero-waste lifestyle and encourages people to do the same.

Another really well-known zero-waste lifestylist is Lauren Singer, who lives in New York and writes her own blog called trashisfortoossers.com. She documents her journey of her zero-waste life and writes about how you can live a zero-waste lifestyle too. She also runs an online shop selling zero-waste starter kits for people wanting to start their journey and need a little help. Some environmentally free items you can buy from her store are floss, deodorant and laundry detergent.

Where to start?

Now that you know what a zero-waste lifestyle is, the real question is, can you live a zero-waste lifestyle? It may seem overwhelming, even if you want to start, but the key to success is starting small and building up or even just changing one or two things to help the environment. Some people may not want to go to the extreme and live a complete zero-waste life but even reducing some waste or recycling can help future generations.

Small changes you can make

  • Replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush.
  • Use cotton reusable bags for shopping and carrying things.
  • Start a compost.
  • Use glass jars to store ingredients.
  • Use a reusable glass bottle instead of plastic bottles.

If you want more ways to make changes there are many books and blogs out there about reducing waste, environmentally friendly lifestyles and zero-waste lifestyles.

If you have any rubbish to remove from your home that is cluttering up your life, make sure you call us or email us. We would love to help you get rid of the trash in your life so you can be on your way to a more environmentally free and zero waste life.

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