Rubbish removal Auckland

Rubbish removal Auckland. 

Rubbish removal has never been so colorful there are junk & rubbish trucks loading and removing rubbish through out Auckland in style, bright shinny new looking trucks with eye catching signage, Even the green gorilla skip bins & waste removal company with its bright green trucks and bins has its distinctive logo a big gorilla printed on the side nice one guys. Gone are the days off the old battered looking barely legal rubbish trucks on the road. Having said that rubbish removal still has to be collected and taken away.

Here are 5 Ways you can dispose of your rubbish in Auckland 


1.  Auckland Rubbish removal service

You can contact a Auckland rubbish removal company they will come to your premises price up your rubbish that you are looking to get rid of and remove it for you. Note: always ask if the contractor holds a waste collectors licence to take away your rubbish as we have seen and heard of disputes in regards to properties not being clean of rubbish and debris to the customers satisfaction, most rubbish removal companies will accept payment on completion of the work carried out. And many have Fpos or credit card facilities in their trucks.  

2. Flexi Bins    

These are heavy duty rubbish bags that are made to order as they need to hold rubbish that can be heavy. You can order these from various hardware stores in Auckland like bunnings and miter10 they come in 1 2 3 cubic meter sizes. All you do is purchase these bags from the store take it home fill it up with your rubbish.  When you are ready call flexi bins you then pre pay a fee to get the bag removed and they will then schedule a truck to come pick it up. Note the flexi bin needs to be placed where the truck can get to lift it on to the truck as this is done by an arm on the truck which hoists it in to the air. 


3.  Organic rubbish collection service    

You can contact your local council to see if there is an inorganic rubbish collection in your area. Call 09 301 0101  

4.Hire a skip bin    you can call one of the many Auckland skip bin companies they will drop off a skip bin which come in various sizes to your premises which you then fill with rubbish. Hire is normally up to 7 days but can be longer by arrangement. Once you have filled it you then contact the company again or they will call you to make sure you are ready to have the bin taken away.

   5. Find out were your local rubbish tip is located  

If your rubbish can fit in to the boot of your car you may want to drop it at the rubbish tip your self call directory services on 018 an ask for Transfer stations in Auckland.

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