Junk Removal vs Wet Weather

With Auckland’s seasonal weather like it is at the moment, getting in the mood to get outside to
remove items can be a challenge in itself or procrastinating on whether to keep or get rid of items
like trampolines, tables and chairs, old BBQs, or that old trellis pergola that was given to you by your
Aunty Peggy. Rain or shine, we can provide a service for you.

No issue is too big for our professional team to remove your old items to donate to a selected
charity or taken to the local dumping services with no problem.

No need for a skip bin, especially with the rain filling up the bins – which adds weight. We can
remove all your junk in one go without waiting for a skip bin service to pick up a full bin. Please head
to our website for a FREE Quote or call us on 0800 386 763.

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