Office Junk Removal / Recycling

Decluttering your office space from that old pesky broken filing cabinet, folders/files, that old broken
desk/office chair or those broken printers/computers can be quite a headache and finding the time
from your busy workload can make you frustrated trying to organise the work area efficiently.
Even with making way for new office shelves, office chairs, desks or filing cabinets can be quite a
hassle on where to store them temporary until your new things arrive, we can help with this.

Most items these days can be upcycled by a clever builder as a project or recycled by charity shops,
e-waste drop off or the local recycle station. We can uplift your items and remove in one go! Our
professional team can come and recycle selected items to the correct environmentally friendly
stations. Please call us for a free quote on 0800 386 763 or check out our website for other services
we provide.

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