With Auckland’s wet weather upon us, getting in the mood to get outside to remove your old items can be challenging.

Likewise, winter procrastination can set in and removing your old outdoor junk can take longer than expected, if you are waiting for a sunny day.

Trampolines and old tables can get blown around in stormy weather and may need to be removed the next day for safety reasons.

Our team removes your rubbish rain or shine! 

Items like:


Outdoor tables and chairs

Old BBQs

Old trellis pergola


Large swing sofas and more!

No item is too big or small for our professional team to come and remove it.

If your items are still in good condition, we can drop them off to a selected
charity store.

Using our junk removal service saves you getting out in the rain and removing it yourself.

No need to wait for a skip bin either, especially with the rain filling up the bins – which adds weight and the skip bin sitting around in the rain as you wait for it to be removed.

Go to our Quote page to get an estimate quote for rubbish removal.