Pool Table Removal

Wondering how to remove and dispose of your pool table? We can remove it for you! Old pool tables are heavy and hard to transport. They also need careful lifting and removing to ensure nothing gets scratched on the way out. Our team can carefully lift and load your pool table and securely place it […]

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Polystyrene Removal

Got Polystyrene waste? We can remove it for you! Polystyrene can be one of the most frustrating types of rubbish to dispose of as it can’t fit into your council bins as its too large. Likewise, you can’t place it into your recycling bin as it burst into tiny unrecyclable pieces during the recycling process.

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Scattered Rubbish Removal

Recently we got a call from a client asking us if we could remove the rubbish she had scattered around her property. She had a mattress and other smaller items like clothes and toys scattered around her garden that she needed removed but didn’t have the time to put the items in a pile. On

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Garage Clearing

Over the years junk piles up in the garage leaving no room for your car. Waste such as cardboard, old broken furniture, old gym gear, broken kids’ toys, wood, tyres, paint, mattress and much more gets added to the pile and forgotten. If you were thinking of removing the rubbish but only have time in

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Sports Equipment Removal

Broken sports equipment can take up a lot of room in your home or garage and most of the time the equipment can be heavy, big and hard to move. Trying to dispose of the bulky broken equipment can be difficult and take hours. Not to mention the stress on your body that comes with

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Hot Tub Removal

Do you have a broken hot tub that you just need gone? Just moved into a house that has an old hot tub that you need removed? Our team can come and lift and remove it for you! Hot tubs can be difficult to remove because of their weight and size. To remove a hot

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