Christmas Rubbish Removal

The holiday season is approaching, which means getting your home clear of all the Covid lock down rubbish and all the other packaging that Christmas trees and decorations bring in, can be a hassle. However, no need to worry, our rubbish removal service makes getting rid of your junk easy. Rubbish Removal Before Christmas Whether […]

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Large Garden Item Removal

Throughout the years, we accumulate many large items in our back yards either to decorate, to garden or to keep the kids entertained, however when it’s time to clear the garden, the removal of large items isn’t easy. Even after dismantling the large items, the pieces may not be able to fit in your car

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Abandon Property – Rubbish Removal

If you have a large residential/ commercial property or a farm in Auckland that needs a tidy up, we can help! After many years of working in the waste removal industry, we have been contacted by many clients that have needed us to clear their large rental section or commercial property due to renovating or

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Large Glass and Door Removal

Large items such as glass panels and doors can be difficult to remove as they are heavy and need large transport. Therefore, getting rid of your large item can be time consuming and hard. That’s where we come in! We can remove your large doors and glass panels for you! Our friendly team can come

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Oven Removal

Old Oven Removal Got an old oven sitting on your property? Need it removed? We can remove your old oven for you. Transporting and removing an oven can be a hard and dirty task. Old grease can get inside your car which means washing the inside of your vehicle after taking the time to transport

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Pool Table Removal

Wondering how to remove and dispose of your pool table? We can remove it for you! Old pool tables are heavy and hard to transport. They also need careful lifting and removing to ensure nothing gets scratched on the way out. Our team can carefully lift and load your pool table and securely place it

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Spa Pool Removal

Spa Removal Got an old spa you need removed? We can remove it for you! Spa removal can be tricky and time consuming as spas are very large, heavy and finding suitable transport can be difficult. Whether you are moving houses and need all the rubbish including a spa gone or just need a spa

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Rubbish litters Hobsonville and locals take action

Many Hobsonville locals have noticed large amounts of litter scattered around the streets over a few months from construction sites not disposing of their rubbish correctly. Over the past few weeks, a few locals have individually taken it upon themselves to go for walks and pick up the rubbish from the car parks and roads.

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Free compost courses around Auckland

In New Zealand, the average family throws away three shopping carts full of old food per year, meaning that over a third of the roadside bin collection is food waste and it’s all heading into our landfill. That adds up to about 157,389 tonnes of food waste a year which is a massive amount. There

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Reasons why decluttering can improve your life

If you are feeling stressed out, it may be because you have built up too much clutter and need to do a clean out. There are many ways decluttering can improve your life and help you develop good habits. Decluttering reduces stress If you have recently moved homes and you have noticed items you don’t

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